We recently had the chance to try Porcelain Shanghai Dry Gin and I usually don’t write about things outside of chandeliers but damn is it good!

Here’s a little introduction to this amazing gin:

A Gin From The Middle Kingdom
Porcelain Gin brings rich Chinese craftsmanship and elegance to the world of craft gin. Meticulously handcrafted using the highest quality ingredients, distilled in small batches. The vessel is designed in partnership with LOVERAMICS adorned with our signature pattern.
Tasting Notes
A Citrus burst followed by an aromatic display of Cardamom and ending with warm delicate notes of Sichuan Peppercorn.
Our Story – Family Business
Hailing from a family lineage of traditional spice makers, the distillery has private access to the best botanicals & ingredients offered in Northern China. Our knowledge of botanicals and its properties are uniquely unparalleled.
Aside from pouring our heart and soul into the product, everything that goes into the gin is painstakingly handcrafted. Hand cracked hazelnuts, hand peeled & dried citrus skins and hand dipped wax seals are some of our signature processes.
18 Botanicals Perfectly Balanced
We are the first and only distillery in the world to use Mongolian Juniper Berries to craft a dry gin.
Spices: Goji Berries, Sichuan Peppercorn, Cardamom, Coriander Seeds.
Nuts: Almon, Hazelnut.
Fruits: Orange, Lemon, Grapefruit.
Flowers: Lavender, Rose.
We have 6 secret ingredients that we can’t share yet…
State Of The Art Distillery
Our still, dearly named Mulan, is a custom made 500L copper plated still featuring a European styled copper alembic dome. Our main botanicals simmer in the boiler overnight for an intense flavour and the notes of the fresher botanicals are passed on through the vapour infusion chamber.
The flavours are then further combined and refined through a 6 plate vertical reflux column before ultra cooled in the condenser for collection.
Self Sustaining Organic Farm
Surrounding the distillery is our organic farm. The boiled down botanicals from the still make for very rich fertilizer for our organic produce. The farm produces over 16+ different types of vegetables, spices and fruits. Some end up in the Gin, while the others into our surrounding neighbour bellies. We believe in self sustainability and leaving a smaller carbon footprint. We use natural shade made of grape vines and drive electric vehicles around the distillery.
Defining Shanghai Dry Gin
Shanghai Dry Gin draws its origination from the familiar definition of a London Dry Gin.
A Shanghai Dry Gin:
1. Must contain at least 90% of botanicals and ingredients that are from China.
2. Is one shot distilled with nothing added after distilling except water.
3. Is not sweetened and with a resultant distillate of at least 70% ALC./VOL.
Two Decadent Flavours
Signature Shanghai Dry Gin
Our signature series is distilled from 18 different botanicals. It highlights the exotic flavours of the Mongolian Juniper Berries, hot Sichuan Peppercorn and aromatic Cardamom.
Shanghai Dry Gin – Mandarin Edition
Our Mandarin Edition is imbued with the opulent Mandarin Orange. It features a distinct sweet citrus flavour that is both vibrant and refreshing.
Check out their website: https://www.ginshanghai.com