We at Luxury Chandeliers UK are proud to announce that we have expanded our product line to include Antler Chandeliers. Antler chandeliers evoke a very emotional response as it is regarded as much of a piece of artwork as it is functional, making it a very powerful statement for home decor. We are against animal cruelty and will only be able to offer resin faux antler chandeliers and lighting fixture.

Let’s explore all the types of antler chandeliers we are offering on our store.

The first one is the traditional antler chandelier. The traditional style really comes from the shape, direction and also colour of the antlers itself. The antlers, which in general mimics deer horns forms an upside down umbrella at the bottom with antlers then coming out from the top. The colouring of the antlers tend to be that of a natural brown colour and with some having a white tip at the sharper edge of each antler. Although its made of faux resin, it is hard to tell the difference from afar.

The second type we offer is the moose antler chandelier. Much like the traditional antler chandeliers that is deer horn shaped, it instead has much larger and flatter antlers that look like moose antlers. Pick this style if you’d like something that stands out a little differently.


The third type we offer is the very contemporary and modern white antler chandeliers. This style really stands out and draw people’s eyes straight up to it. Modern white antler chandeliers can be used in a traditional setting, like a barn house but give it that extra kick of difference. It flirts in between the lines of both being edgy and yet conservative because of its singularity in colour. Modern white antlers can also be used in the new age styled settings, such as in a bar or basement. There is really no limit to where these antler chandeliers can fit in.


The last type of antler chandelier we offer are ones with lamp shades or candle holders. These really gives the chandeliers a unique look and is bound to be eye catching. You may decide to use a lamp shade if you want to diffuse the lighting situation so that it isn’t too bright. This is best used for mood setting environments or classy yet low key rooms such as cigar rooms, or a basement den. Regardless of where you put it, it will sure be a real looker.


It is worth noting that all of our antler chandeliers do require assembly. They potentially come in quite a few different pieces and will require some time to put together. It is highly advised to hire a qualified electrician to both assemble and install the fixture. We offer these products disassembled to keep our prices competitive.

Come and explore all of our antler chandeliers now. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our line of products. I am certain that we will have something on our store that fits your lighting requirements for a chandelier.